An Untangling

Over the past month I have been working to close out many facets of my life as I prepare to embark on my journey abroad. This has included selling my car, renting out my house, wrapping up my involvement with different volunteer organizations/clubs, and saying temporary goodbyes to friends and family. I am untangling myself from so many things that I have been working so hard to entangle myself into over the last few years. It’s important for me to note that I don’t use the term entanglement with any negative connotation. I have worked hard to create a life for myself in Nashville, surrounding myself with some of the best colleagues and friends I could have ever imagined. So as I put my life in Nashville on pause and minimize my physical attachments the whole process has been a mix of emotions. A sense of freedom as I depart from so many physical possessions, sorrow as I know I’m losing the physical proximity to family and friends I care so much about, and a mix of excitement and anxiety in thinking about what the next two years will bring.

I recently drove up to the Maker’s Mark distillery to pick up two bottles of their fine product that my Dad and I had signed up for just over six years ago. When first visiting the distillery in 2008 we signed up to be Maker’s Mark ambassadors, which among other small, fun perks, includes them placing your name on one of their barrels. When your barrel reaches maturation, they let you know so you can come up and be reunited with “your” bourbon. It’s really a clever marketing initiative, but I know we have both enjoyed receiving their ambassador gifts at Christmas which have included bourbon bottle sized sweaters and scarves. While driving up there I listened to an episode of the podcast RadioLab entitled “Entanglement.” The program starts off talking about this rather unbelievable phenomenon in which Physicists have been able to create a link between two atoms located in physically separate spaces that become absolutely identical. The process is called Quantum Entanglement and once it occurs, if a change is made to one atom, no matter how far away the other linked atom is, it will change exactly as the first atom did. Apparently it is a phenomenon also found naturally occurring in the world and at this time Physicists have no explanation for it. As I was listening to this story I couldn’t help but think of a parallel to my own journey. While I have been undergoing my own process of untanglement from physical possessions and my day-to-day life in Nashville, I will forever be entangled with the family and friends I leave on this side of the world. And that is a very welcome thought indeed.

Tomorrow I depart for my Kuala Lumpur leg of the trip (there has been a slight change to my initial travel plans from my first post, I will be in KL for three months followed by a 21 month stint in Mumbai), and I’m eager to begin this journey. My next post will be from the other side of the world. Cheers!


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  1. Love your description and recognition of the forces at work at the beginning of your great journey and adventure. Bon voyage.


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